Motor Starter DOL 10kW 220V Poly IP65

Schneider Motor Starter Direct On Line 10kW 220V Polycarbonate IP65


Std Pack Size

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Motor Starter Direct On Line, 25 Amp, 50/60 Hz, 22 kW, 10 kW at 500 Volt AC, 220 Volt AC, Pushbutton Start Green I, Pushbutton Stop/Reset Red O, IP65, Polycarbonate, -5 to 40 deg C, 201 mm Height, 101 mm Width, 153.5 mm Depth, Overload Purchased Separately

Additional Information

Additional Information
Brand Schneider
Range Name TeSys Model D
Standard Pack Size 1
UNSPSC Class 39121500
Vendor Product LE1D18M7
Coil Voltage 220 Volt AC
Control Type Pushbutton Start Green I/Pushbutton Stop-Reset Red O
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Depth 153.5 mm
Height 201 mm
IP Rating IP65
Motor Power 10 kW @ 500 Volt AC
Please Note Overload Purchased Separately
Product Type Motor Starters DOL
Operating Temperature -5 to 40 deg C
Wattage 22 kW
Width 101 mm
Current 25 Amp

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